My Story


1. During the holidays, I drove my 9-year-old daughter to the nearest store so she could redeem some gift cards. They were given to her for having good grades. As soon as we arrived to the store, she took me the gardening section, and told me she wanted to buy some flowers.


2. Little I knew, but she had been planning this for months. I remembered picking some daisies and sunflower seeds, a paint-it-yourself flowerpot, and a watering can. Andrea was very excited to start a little garden of flowers.


3. It all started about a year ago. My daughter’s school organized a Mother’s Day event in which each child was going to hand a card and a rose to their moms.
Unfortunately, more mothers than expected showed up, and my wife was among the ones that did not receive a rose. This left a vivid memory in my daughter’s mind.

4. As the weeks passed, her flowers kept growing and growing. She kept watering her flowers on a daily basis. I don’t remember Andrea missing a single day in which she took care of her daisies.


5. We were amazed at how my young daughter had put so much effort into her daisies garden. My wife and I didn’t have a clue of her plans.

6. Finally, the Saturday before Mother’s Day came, and I was ready to take my daughter to purchase a card. Apparently, she had other plans, she told me: “I don’t need a card Papito. I will give her something that she will like more.”


7. The big day came, and I helped Andrea cut out one of the prettiest daisies that was in the flowerpot. Then, I grabbed the balloons from the back of the car that I hid the day before. When I returned, my daughter was writing on a small piece of paper. I asked her, “What is that?” She answered, “You’ll see!”


8. She grabbed a piece of string, made a hole on the paper, and tied it to one of the leaves of the flower. Excited in the moment, she grabbed my hand, open the door, and waked up her mom. As soon as she open her eyes, she screamed, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MAMITA” and handed her the daisy.


9. My daughter was very proud of it and told her how she took care of it since December. She explained that she didn’t want her to be sad again on Mother’s Day because of what happened last year. My wife started to cry and gave Andrea a big hug. Then, she saw the little piece of paper hanging from the flower and asked, “What’s this?” Andrea replied, “Open it Mamita; open it!”


10. When I glanced at the paper, it read, “Happy Mother’s Day Mamita! I love you!”