and I have an App

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I am Daisy.
I can’t wait to play hide and seek with you or dance your favorite songs from your iPhone or iPod. I also come with a closet full of stuff so you can change the way I look. Happy eyes, funny mouths, crazy hair, big hats, colorful flower-pots, pretty earrings, cool looking sunglasses, and much more.

You can also send a Christmas card, Happy B-day, Get well, or I miss you note with me. Just write on my thinking bubble and send me via email. Your friends will receive a very cute looking daisy (Meee) with the cool message you wrote to them. You can even share me on your FaceBook page for all your friends to see.

Oh, I almost forgot, I get sleepy around 9pm, but if you need me awake to sing you a song, just click on the alarm clock, and I’ll be moving my leaves and petals to the rhythm of it.


-Customize Daisy’s eyes, hair, mouth, glasses, backgrounds, and more.

-Water her, wake her up, play hide and seek, and watch her reactions and emotions.

-Send a personal message with your Daisy to your friends or family.

-Watch and listen Daisy sing and dance any song on your iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

-Send Daisy to your friends or family via email or text message.

-Listen to Daisy repeat your voice in a very funny way

-Upload your creations to your Facebook page